Our learning questions

Our learning questions

Parent Power is piloting a school-parent partnership journey to redefine the role of parents as key partners in ensuring quality education for every child in South Africa. Too often, parental involvement in education is narrowly defined and can be alienating for many parents. By exploring more robust forms of engagement between schools and parents, Parent Power is taking a proactive approach to foster a collaborative relationship between parents and educators, where they work together to create a positive learning environment for children.

This approach can have numerous benefits, such as increased student achievement, improved attendance rates, and reduced disciplinary issues. When parents are engaged and involved in their child’s education, they are more likely to have a better understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses, which can help inform their learning journey. It can also create a more supportive and inclusive school community, where parents feel valued and have a voice in decision-making processes.

Overall, Parent Power’s efforts to redefine the role of parents in education is an important step towards creating a more equitable and inclusive education system in South Africa. By fostering a collaborative relationship between parents and educators, we can work together to ensure that every child has access to quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The questions we are exploring are:

  • What would it look like if South African parents understood what quality education is, and their role in ensuring their children have access to this?  
  • How do we build partnership between schools and parents in South Africa to ensure parents are able to champion their children’s education? 
  • What change occurs for learners, parents, and schools when parents become active (powerful) actors in their children’s education journey? 

What does the journey look like?

School engagement is done through the school-parent partnership journey, which consists of three workshops for parents and is aimed at laying the foundation for them to facilitate the process of building new partnerships with schools. The partnership journey covers the following three themes:

Building the partnership

Redefining the relationship between parents and education stakeholders

Activating the partnership

Shifting from issues to action

Nurturing the partnership

Creating a supportive space for reflection, accountability, and continuous action

Parent Power works with the belief that every parent can play a valuable role in the education journey of the children. The building of a strong partnership between schools and parents is a long game and requires constant attention and investment, but it is worth it because we share a common goal of ensuring quality education for every child in South Africa.