‘Deeply enriching experience’ – A reflection of the Parent Power Champion programme.

Michael Sterksen – 2024 Parent Power Champion, 2023 Teachers CAN 

Participating in the “Parent Power” program has been a deeply enriching experience, both personally and professionally. Throughout the program, we explored the transformative potential of design thinking, systems thinking, and storytelling in empowering teachers to assist parents in actively engaging in their children’s education development.

One of the most striking aspects of the program was witnessing the shift in perspective among participating teachers. Through design thinking exercises, teachers gained a deeper understanding of their role as active agents in shaping their parent’s learning experiences. By embracing systems thinking principles, they recognized the interconnectedness of various factors influencing their children’s education, from family dynamics to broader societal influences. 

Storytelling emerged as a powerful tool for communication and connection throughout the program. Through sharing personal narratives and experiences, teachers fostered empathy, built rapport, and inspired one another to overcome challenges and celebrate successes. These stories served as catalysts for reflection, dialogue, and action, ultimately strengthening the bonds within the parent power community and fuelling collective efforts toward supporting children’s educational development.

In essence, the “Parent Power” program has underscored the vital role of parental involvement in education and highlighted the potential of design thinking, systems thinking, and storytelling as powerful tools for empowerment and change. It has been a journey of discovery, collaboration, and collective empowerment, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.