• How parents are becoming powerful actors in their children’s education 

    Parent Power, a leading initiative dedicated to enhancing parental engagement in education, is excited to announce the launch of the Parent Power Schools Challenge Competition. This nationwide contest invites schools across South Africa to showcase their commitment to meaningful parental engagement.  The Parent Power Schools Challenge Competition aims to highlight the critical role that parents […]

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    Published: 12 June 2024

  • ‘Deeply enriching experience’ – A reflection of the Parent Power Champion programme.

    Michael Sterksen – 2024 Parent Power Champion, 2023 Teachers CAN  Participating in the “Parent Power” program has been a deeply enriching experience, both personally and professionally. Throughout the program, we explored the transformative potential of design thinking, systems thinking, and storytelling in empowering teachers to assist parents in actively engaging in their children’s education development. One of the most striking […]

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    Published: 30 April 2024

  • Parents, you have the power to choose your school’s governing body.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that it’s an election year. On 29 May, South Africans go to the polls to vote in a new government. But there is another election that you might not know about unless you’re a parent. Even then you might be unaware that school governing body (SGB) […]

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    Published: 23 April 2024

  • Parent Power launches a unique tool to aid parents in understanding their child’s schooling experience

    In an Op-Ed published in the Mail and Guardian on the 31st of August, Parent Power asserts that schools must allow parents voices to be heard to ensure quality education, however parents do not have a lens and language with which to gauge the quality of education in South Africa. When we think about quality […]

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    Published: 21 September 2023

  • Schools must allow parents’ voices to be heard to ensure quality education

    In Ganyesa, a small village outside of Vryburg in the North West, Mme Mashego* an enthusiastic mother to a grade 6 learner, takes pride in going to her son’s school a week before assessments start to encourage learners to study and try their best at school. While Mme Mashego did not finish school, she wants […]

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    Published: 4 September 2023

  • The quality of education in South Africa through the eyes of parents

    PARENT POWER LAUNCHES REPORT ON QUALITY EDUCATION THROUGH THE EYES OF PARENTS Parents play a unique role in their children’s education as the first teachers and champions of their learning. They are also a vital part of a school’s ecosystem whether or not they are involved in school governing body structures. For this reason, Parent […]

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    Published: 24 July 2023

  • Mobilisation & Action – Parent Power workshops 

    Reimagining connections: Building community Parent Power is a visionary initiative that is transforming the way communities, parents, schools, and the broader ecosystem connect with one another. By reimagining these connections, we aim to build strong and vibrant communities where every voice is heard and valued. We believe that advocacy requires agency and that partnership between […]

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    Published: 2 May 2023